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Administrative Assistant

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BMIT is currently looking for a Administrative Assistant who will add value to the Company by ensuring smooth operational practices within the Commercial team.

The Administrative Assistant is expected to support the Commercial team as required to facilitate the sales process and is primarily responsible for ensuring that customer information, including general information, contacts, contracts, services, etc., is kept up-to-date and appropriately organised by:

  1. Assisting with the setting up of meetings and/or other contact with customers or prospects when necessary;
  2. Ensuring accurate and timely preparation of the necessary paperwork required to conclude the sales process – contracts, service order forms, authorisation forms, etc.;
  3. Appropriately organising physical documentation and maintaining relevant electronic documentation updated within the Company’s CRM system or other relevant systems;
  4. Following up with Customers and/or Prospects to obtain signed paperwork in a timely manner;
  5. Coordinating with internal teams and external suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of and charging for services to be delivered to customers – including issuing of quotes, purchase orders, etc.;
  6. Conducting routine processes with customers to ensure that all information held by BMIT about the customer is up to date. 

The ideal candidate should:

  1. Be a team player and be able to work well with colleagues towards accomplishing common goals;
  2. Be computer literate;
  3. Be detail oriented and get the job done efficiently and effectively;
  4. Be capable of managing their time well and be able to work under pressure with minimal supervision;
  5. Have an O Level standard of education.
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